Spider Prevention Services, Finger Lakes, NY

If you’re concerned about these eight-legged creatures, consider targeted preventative treatment from Custom Pest Control. First, we’ll determine the type of spider you’re dealing with so we can best locate their hiding spots and apply repellent. These creatures often live outside the home and are found under the eaves of the roof; in piles of wood, leaves, or debris; and inside gutters. Treating the entry points prevents spiders from coming into your home. We’ll also take steps to remove the existing population from inside your home. This may include exterminating insects that serve as a food source for spiders.

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Although many of us cringe at the thought of a creepy, crawly spider in our home, the truth is that arachnids do have a useful function. They are great pest exterminators in their own right, and they tend to live and hunt alone. This means you might not even know you have a resident spider. If you are bothered by a spider infestation, however, count on preventative treatment from Custom Pest Control.

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Although spiders probably aren’t your favorite visitor, many homeowners choose to let them be. The reason? These eight-legged creatures feed on other insects, which means you will likely notice an overall decrease in pests. Some of the creatures that spiders eat include mosquitoes, gnats, flies, cockroaches, moths, and earwigs.

We prevent unwanted guests and treat those who have already arrived!

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Unwanted houseguests are more than an unsettling nuisance. Some pests will literally eat away at your house and assets. Furthermore, dealing with pest infestations can impact one’s physical and mental health. For effective pest control services and peace of mind, homeowners across the Finger Lakes region trust the family-owned Custom Pest Control to drive pests out and keep them out!