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Both millipedes and centipedes are arthropods but have a few differences. Millipedes are more rigid and round, while centipedes are flatter and more flexible. Centipedes have one pair of legs on each body segment while millipedes have two. They also move more quickly than millipedes, who tend to burrow and move very slowly. Millipedes tend to primarily feed on plant matter like leaves and roots, while centipedes mostly eat smaller creatures, which they inject with a venomous bite. Millipedes don’t bite but can defend themselves by spraying a foul-smelling fluid.

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Removing their food source can help prevent these pests from entering your home. If you’ve noticed centipedes, this likely means you have another infestation that is supporting the centipede population. Our team can also take care of this secondary infestation, which could consist of spiders, roaches, flies, silverfish or most other insects. This will likely eradicate the centipede issue.

Like many pests, millipedes and centipedes thrive in the basement and attic. Keep them out by sealing gaps and holes and replacing old, damaged weatherstripping and insulation. Remove objects around your property that serve as shelter for centipedes and millipedes, including stacks of wood, cardboard, leaves, mulch piles, and other debris. Humid, drafty areas also tend to attract these pests.

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Millipedes and centipedes are one of the most detested pests, but the truth about these creatures is much different than popular myth. Although they’re often called thousand-leggers, millipedes and centipedes are actually slow-moving and have only a few active legs. If you’re concerned about an infestation in your Finger Lakes home, consult the team at Custom Pest Control.


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