Questions and Answers

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So are we. Safety is the highest priority in our business and we have children and pets of our own and we provide the same safe treatment every year to our own homes as we do to our customers.

It’s Simple! We create a barrier around the home that lasts for three months (80 – 110 days) preventing the entrance and nesting of most insects at your home.

This preventative treatment is accomplished through the use of a motorized sprayer that applies the barrier to the foundation, peaks, eaves, windows, decking, and other areas where pests travel and nest.

If you have issues with Cluster Flies we treat the exterior of the home prior to their hibernation in your residence.

We also take care of existing infestations through precise treatment of the affected area. Each pest has its own unique biological method of survival. These are organisms that wish to thrive and will do so with the resources available to them. Most all homes provide food, moisture, harborage, and other conditions that are conducive to their productivity.

There is no socioeconomic and rarely any geographical status that precludes the possibility of all pest problems, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be treated and prevented. If we see a condition at your home that is contributing to infestation, we will promptly advise you of this and discuss ways it may be corrected.

Even our feline friends can’t keep out all of the pests. Rodents are the second most successful mammals on the planet in their ability to survive and procreate in the most arduous of circumstances including the winter months. We offer active Exterior Station Treatments as well as internal solutions for rodent infestations.

Applications at both the beginning and middle of the pest season (April, May, June / August, September, October) provide the best continuous coverage but we offer application and treatment at any time to provide protection for our customers.

Safety is the most important element in the job we perform. We require that our customers have all windows, doors, and all other access points to the residence closed during the application. We also require that sensitive objects be moved from the perimeter of the home.