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Providers of Professional Pest Control Services for the Finger Lakes Region of NY

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Unwanted houseguests are more than an unsettling nuisance. Some pests literally eat houses and assets, and dealing with pest infestations can impact one’s physical and mental health. For effective pest control services and peace of mind, homeowners across the Finger Lakes region trust the family-owned Custom Pest Control to drive pests out and stop their return.

How to Identify a Pest Problem

Seeing a single live pest can be a red flag warning of a much larger infestation. To effectively treat the problem, it’s essential to identify the pest. Droppings or carcasses may help reveal the culprit, but only if homeowners can find them. Our expert technicians draw on over 40 years of collective experience to correctly identify common home pests, including bed bugs. Our pest control services can also detect evidence in hidden places, such as behind walls or under floors.

Why Opt for Professional Pest Control Services

Many over-the-counter products promise quick results, and some of them can actually deliver. Even so, most DIY exterminators don’t have the training and experience of professional pest control services, and will, therefore, miss important insect indicators or pest entry points. Over-the-counter treatments often deploy harsh chemicals that, if mishandled, can create further problems for the residents and property. During application, DIY consumers also often skip steps or ignore inconvenient details. As a result, rather than eradicating the offenders, they instead allow rodents and other pests to persist and thrive.

In the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, the very best way to identify a pest problem and effectively get rid of it is to contact Custom Pest Control at 607-742-5716. Call or text us for a free estimate today.

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